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Our solution is the result of continued research and development over 20 years and could be unified standardized solution for various businesses. Our system is combining real-time data collection with efficient data warehousing and up to time statistical and market analysis, examining recent developments, changes and prospects. Many sources are publishing market real-time data, though the history of real-time data is unavailable. The history is usually available just for aggregated data as working with detailed high granularity of data collection data is time-consuming. At the same time detailed real-time data is extremely useful to analyse equilibrium points. Detailed information about system responds on critical events gives additional benefits for system users. Real-time data at equilibrium point gives the understanding how quickly system reacts on critical events. It helps to predict qualitative changes in system's behaviour (bifurcations) occurring at unstable equilibrium points. Numerical Flows recognizes the importance of adapting to emerging technologies such as blockchain and automation. Real-time data eases the analysis of volatile energy commodity markets, financial markets as well as extremely volatile cryptocurrency asset class. There is also opportunity for real-time data that will facilitate the movement of goods across supply chains. Numerical Flows real-time innovative solutions helps to identify and predict trends, track data, and make inferred correlations between data points instantly that allows making decisions earlier.

By client request all real-time graphical results could be 2D or 3D.

Wind and Generation by Summerview Units

Current State:

Current minute data

Green dots show the cases when wind is strong and generation is close to maximum.
Red dots show the cases when wind is strong and generation is not significant.
Black dots show the cases when wind is light.


- AESO. Wind generation data.
- OpenWeatherMap. Wind speed data .