Data Source Information Hub (DSIH)

DSIH belongs to a non-relational database instance and is comprised of metadata containing definitions of Industry, Region, Data Source, Privacy, Data Type, Data Property, Data Granularity, Availability, etc...
DSIH ensures capabilities that enable any users, from analysts to data scientists or developers, to discover and consume data sources.
DSIH is a completely organized service that enables users to explore their required data sources and understand the data sources explored, and at the same time assist organizations to achieve more value from their present investments
DSIH assists by making data sources easy to discover and understand by the users who require the data they manage.
DSIH supports:
  • Getting more value from your enterprise data assets
  • Spending less time looking for data, and more time getting value from it
  • Registering enterprise data assets
  • Discovering data assets and unlocking their potential
  • Capturing tribal knowledge to make data more understandable
  • Bridging the gap between IT and the business, allowing everyone to contribute their insights

DSIH is an elegant approach based on creating an integrated model. The landscape of data is growing so rapidly that if we don't solve this problem soon, companies will find themselves with the largest library of data they have ever had, without DSIH.