Numerical Flows Corp. collects and optimizes data based on trends, bifurcation points and real-time changes in fundamentals. We create advanced presentation layers to provide analytics based on multitude of industry elements

Numerical Flows Corp. established in 2017, is specialized in real-time data collection combining with efficient data warehousing and up to time statistical and market analysis.

We retrieve data from the source pages. Many sources are publishing market real-time data, though the history of real-time data is unavailable. Data collection can be a technical minefield. Numerical Flows Corp. solution allows connecting to particular equipment and dealing with data in timely and efficient manner.

In spite of the fact that our business is young, our solution is the result of continued research and development over 20 years and could be unified standardized solution for various businesses.

Our experts in data collection and analytics have dedicated years of their careers to this sector. We provide advisory services in data sourcing for increased operational efficiency, efficient data collection and optimized data presentation based on historical and current trends, bifurcation points, and integrated analytics based on multiple data sources.

We are not limited only at providing data services, we also help with integrating data with the business operations.